A Delighted Life, Indeed

We’re all works in progress, imperfect and yet perfectly loved by a mighty God. Years ago, God brought me out from darkness and into a broad place of freedom and possibilities; he rescued me because he delighted in me, and I’m continually amazed, grateful, and delighted in return. That’s why this verse is so special to me:

“He brought me out into a broad place; He rescued me because He delighted in me.” –Psalm 18:19

What if every believer understood that God delighted in them? And even more important to this point, what if every believer understood that God delights in other people, too–all of his children–even people we don’t find so delightful?

When we embrace the reality of our rescue, when we understand God’s delight in all of His people, how can we quarrel and hurt each other? How can we expect to draw other people to freedom in Christ if we act like we are imprisoned by our own prejudices and hurt feelings? We’ve got to embrace the truth, and admit that we’re all sinners in need of grace. We need to reach out and connect and forgive and walk like we really believe what we claim to believe. We need to promote the cause of authentic “warts and all” church community. We need to make the word of God understandable, and tap into the power of personal praise and worship. We need to laugh together, cry together, serve one another, and love much.

These things are all part of what creates a life of delight, a delighted life–no matter what storms or challenges surround us. And these are the things that give me purpose.

Whether I am speaking to groups, leading a Bible study, or even spending time with family and friends, I’m always trying to figure out how to draw people out, to be authentic, and to connect. I pull from my own experiences and love of Bible study to ramona-in-blue-web.jpgshare biblical truths. I weave in stories about raising kids and home schooling, forgiveness and grace, serving in the church, friendship, fresh starts, and God’s unique gifts for each of us. I try to avoid church-ese, but sometimes forget. Don’t get me started on politics unless you really want me to go there. And do expect that there will be pictures of my kids on display at some point in the conversation; that’s just part of the package.


Warm regards,




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