Welcome to Delighted Life

Life is a delight, and discovery is its most precious gift.  Since the day I discovered a new life in Jesus Christ, I’ve been on a journey to find my God-given purpose, to explore why we’re all here, and learn how God wants us to get along in this world.  Fellow travelers, or the merely curious, are welcome to explore my site.

In recent years I’ve seen my three sons launch into their adult lives, nearly emptying our family nest.  Learning to let go and trust God has been hard!  I resumed homeschool with my teen daughter while working full time in ministry.  In my spare time (lol!) I was pursuing an MDiv degree and speaking to church groups, Christian Women’s Clubs, and church camps when the opportunity arose.  Life was full!

A breast cancer diagnosis rocked my world and slowed me down this year.  You can read about my journey here.  I am working on creating a work-life balance that honors my faith, my family, and my desire to be a blessing to others.  Even with cancer treatment underway, I am still delighted with life, learning to breathe and live at a slower pace, and excited about discoveries still to come.

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