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When my three older children came along, I gave up my career and exchanged suits and high heels for sweats and tennis shoes.   I had been a journalist, then a municipal clerk, and I loved my work.  There were times when I struggled with being “just a mom.” In career life, my work was highly appreciated.  As a mom, my toil often went unnoticed. And I missed conversing with adults all day!

Yet motherhood transformed me in ways I don’t regret. Time with my four children tested me and taught me about love and relationships, forgiveness and grace. Motherhood made me see the world in a new way.  Parenting our children has been a wonderful growing experience for my husband and I, and for our marriage.

Most importantly, motherhood led me to the Lord, and a new, brighter perspective.  You can read some of my testimony, here, published on the Power to Change Life Project website.

We lived the homeschooling life until a couple of years ago, when we enrolled our youngest in a small Christian School and I returned to full-time work.  In addition to being “just a mom,” I’m a ministry director in our large church, speaker, a Bible study leader, writer, and community activist.  I try not to over-do, but I do love to be busy. I also love people, inductive Bible study, working for good causes, and chocolate.

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