Repurposed: Using Your Story for His Glory

Renovating and repurposing are hot topics on reality TV shows, and it’s fun to find clever uses for discarded and neglected items.  God is in the business of renovating and repurposing our lives, and wants us to see the beauty in some of the trash and discards of our own lives.  Using the example of the women in Matthew Chapter 1, and the promises in Philippians 1, we’ll explore the theme of being repurposed by God, and how he uses our past experiences and life lessons to write our next chapter.


Finding Your Fit in God’s Family

Do you ever wonder what God wants you to be when you grow up?  This question plagues many of us, even into adulthood.  God created each one of us with unique gifts, talents, likes and dislikes, all combining to make us a complete package for specific purposes here on earth.  Learn how to identify your spiritual gifts, discover how God might want to use them to bless you and others, and uncover your role in God’s family.


Confessions of a Compulsive Volunteer

Busy women need to make wise choices about how to bless others with the precious commodity of time. We look at Jesus’ response to his friends Martha and Mary, and examine why we volunteer, when it’s too much, and where we need to focus our priorities.


Does This Attitude Make Me Look Fat?

When we’re part of God’s family, it’s as though we’re completely clothed in a new outfit–one that is made to suit us and show off the work of God, the Master Tailor. But certain negative attitudes clash with God’s design for us; and yet we insist on holding on to them! If we want people to be drawn to getting their own new wardrobe from God, we need to take a hard look at what’s in our spiritual closet. Join me for some spring cleaning of the soul as we talk about coordinating your spiritual look, speaking and receiving the truth in love, and how to get an extreme makeover if you need it!


How to Study Your Bible –Even When You Don’t Have Time to Do It!

The Bible is an instruction manual for life and a love letter from God. Yet sometimes we don’t open it for ages because daily busy-ness crowds it out. We’ll talk about how much study you need, and how to get it done using various methods tailored to different learning styles. We’ll also take a look at the big picture of the Bible, its purposes and how it is relevant to your life.


The Gift of Confrontation

Where people gather, relationships will be tested. Sometimes we avoid confrontation, and hope it will just go away.  But God designed confrontation to be a loving gift to His people.  We’ll focus on forgiveness, truth-telling, and grace as we look at what God says about how we should deal with one another, his plan for handling difficult (and sometimes painful) interactions within our own church bodies, and how these tough times are often blessings in disguise. Based on Matthew 18, Galatians 6, among others.


Many Hats for Many Women: Appreciating God’s Unique Design in You and Others

Using my silly hat collection as an illustration, we’ll examine how God created each of us to be unique and usable, and what that looks like in our everyday lives. Based on Romans 12 and Ephesians 2, we’ll talk spiritual gifts, personality types, and God’s desire that they all coordinate.


Stones in a River: Storing Up Memories that Will Help You Stand Strong

Like stones in a river for the Israelites in Joshua 4 & 5, we’ll talk about the importance of spiritual landmarks that remind you of where you’ve been, where you’re going, and how God keeps his promises along the way.


The Father Love of God

Whether you’re a “daddy’s girl” or had less-than-perfect fathering, God’s got better parenting in mind for you. Jesus’ parable of the lost son shows us what a perfect father’s love is like, and what it means for us today.


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