Home Education

Our family motto for doing school at home is “Life is Learning, and Learning is Life.”

When my boys were younger, we followed an eclectic mix of educational methods and styles.  I often functioned as a facilitator more than an educator, guiding my kids’ choices but very much guided by their interests and giftings. 

Now that I work full time, homeschool looks more structured and we are involved with a local Classical Conversations group. I’m a big fan of homeschooling, no matter what form it takes!

Here are resources that might help you learn more about the delightful homeschooling life, and whether it could work for you.

The A-to-Z of Homeschooling: a2zhomeschooling.com

Charlotte Mason Method: Old-Fashioned, Simple,  & Beautiful

Magazine Recommendation: Homeschooling Today

Read Stephanie Tolan’s inspiring article, “Is it A Cheetah?”

Classical Conversations


A to Z Homeschooling
Excellent all-around resource for home educators, whether you have struggling learners or students whose giftedness creates special needs and challenges.

Hoagie’s Gifted Ed Page
Great reference for gifted education, and for identifying the giftedness of your students.


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