Wise words about volunteers

Some people would rather just do all the work themselves. I’ve been that person! But sharing the load is smart, it empowers other people, and it multiplies your effectiveness in ministry.

I attended a conference last year where Craig Groeschel, leader of LifeChurchtv.com, explained his philosophy of work, including the need to NOT do everything. What a concept! If someone can do one of his tasks 80 percent as well as he does it, he hands it off to them. This keeps his schedule sane and gives people a chance to use their gifts, to gain experience, and to grow.

That’s the kind of leadership I appreciate, and I hope it’s the kind of leadership I hope I can learn to offer our teams.  It is definitely a work in progress!


Click here for a list of articles that offer helpful advice for working wisely with volunteers.

Click here to read Marnie Swedberg’s wise words about recruiting volunteers to help, and how to work with them once you have them. Marnie is a women’s ministry leadership mentor at marnie.com, and has lots of great free leadership tools for women’s ministry and beyond.

Maybe you have some success stories or strategies for working with volunteers.  If so, I’d like to hear from you!


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