Be a citizen activist!

With the help of good online resources, and a small block of time set aside each week, I’m going to get back into the business of keeping an eye on my government. It’s my small way of being involved, making my voice heard, and influencing the law.  God placed me in a country where I can speak up, vote, and have influence; what a gift.  I really ought to use it more often!

It would be great if you joined in, too. At the end of this post, I’ll list resources to help you get started. You can either follow organizations that do some of the groundwork for you, or do your own research. You’ll become a citizen activist, and you may help change the course of society!

One of my passions is getting people involved in government and being informed voters.  I even blogged as a citizen activist a few years back.  It started out as an educational tool to get some of my Christian friends to use their influence.  You can read one of my earliest posts to see what I mean: “Using Your Influence”.

A lot of Christians stay away from politics. Somewhere along the way, someone convinced them politics are boring or icky (which they sometimes are) and that they should have nothing to do with them. So what’s happened? A lot of us have checked out of politics, and politics have gotten ickier. Good people in public office don’t have enough support behind them, to do the right thing. They may not get re-elected, because people who should support them don’t even vote. Others do vote, but their votes are so random and uninformed that their votes actually work against what we say we believe.

Of course, I know the Lord is coming and all things will be put to rights one day. But in the meantime, wouldn’t it be great to live and work in an environment that doesn’t try to silence my right to live out my faith? That’s what our influence can help accomplish. God put us in a nation that allows us to have a voice, so we ought to speak up.

Still need convincing? Look at this clip to get a perspective on what Scripture says, and what Christian activists can accomplish, and have accomplished.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Write one letter, copy it and send it to all your elected representatives (click here to find yours). I used to work for elected officials, and a letter written by an individual was always respected (even if the elected official didn’t agree with the viewpoint). Form letters or “gang letters” as I sometimes called them didn’t have as much weight. But individual calls or letters (now emails) got attention.

Think it over.  Pray about it.  And if you’re curious, check out these resources, and sign up for their news alerts if their causes align with yours:


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